DOTMobile PortableBox: here’s what you didn’t find last year!

Composition_New_GL300DOTMobile PortableBox, the rechargeable battery powered, handheld, water resistant, GPS Alarm and Tracker with global SIM coverage is finally available!

DOTMobile PortableBox delivers real peace of mind by securing and controlling single or unlimited fleet of canoes, paddle boards, dinghies, kayaks and by allowing users and hikers to notify their positions and ask for help with SOS button, ManDown and Geofence alerts across the globe.

No wiring required, just switch the PortableBox on and put it into your pocket, in a storage bin or simply fix it to the asset to have it under control on the multi-map (Navionics, Google, Bing, OpenStreet) Web Portal and WebApp.

With DOTMobile PortableBox you can finally choose the option that best fits with your time related needs, either with top flexible PAYperUSE for on demand use, daily, weekly or seasonal business or cost-effective yearly PLAN for continuative use.

DOTMobile PortableBox is part of DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking and can be combined with DOTMobile BlackBox for JetSki, Boats or Yachts to finally have single or unlimited fleet of watercraft and people under control.

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Dotando is member of NMEA