New DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking “Place&Play”: NO power, wiring and complex configuration required!

DOTMobile with BB505With DOTMobile OutboardBox it’s finally possible to control rentals and secure seascooters, jetskis, ATVs, outboard engines or whenever main power is not available! 

Just switch the tracker on, place it to stay globally connected with your fleet on both DOTMobile WebPortal and WebApp.

DOTMobile OutboardBox is an autonomous, compact, IPx7 water resistant GPS tracker with built-in antennas and long-life replaceable battery, up to 510 days with battery charged and normal tracking interval.

DOTMobile OutboardBox is available with multi-configuration: wake-up. tracking intervals and movement distance can be set to fulfill the need of control and/or theft protection.

It includes unique functionalities, such as global SIM, Navionics map. With the ultimate Dynamic Ties Control, it’s possible to tie the outboard engine to their boat to be alerted if they detach with no wiring!

“Place&Play” DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking is available with either the  yearly PLAN  for continuative use or the unique PAYperUSE!

PAYperUSE delivers the highest flexibility, allowing users to master spent and streamline yearly costs. Turn the service ON when the watercraft is rented only and turn it OFF when not needed, out for maintenance or off season. It works with credits: 1 credit = 1 day of tracking service for 1 asset when service ON only. Instantly recharge on DOTMobile WebPortal.