Dotando Announced Partnership with Bizshake to implement IoT (Internet of Things) on their P2P Sharing platform

Dotando has announced its partnership with BizShake to produce all necessary IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure for various categories of physical assets that are to be shared among the BizShake community and to build the P2P sharing ecosystem through tokenization of real-world assets.

BizShake users can choose to activate SmartCertify program to have their valuable assets evaluated and certified by third-party professionals, who will be recorded on the Blockchain and associated to their digital ID. Through SmartCertify, each valuable asset can be applied with a tracking device delivered by Dotando according to the features of different asset categories. During P2P sharing, the other user can simply scan the tracking device with the DOTMobile platform to download all information related to this asset, while the owner can use the same method to make sure that he will be returned with his original asset.

“Dotando will be our strategic partner to mix Internet of Things and Blockchain technology to enable P2P Sharing at its full potential,” said Giuseppe Lo Presti, CEO and Founder of BizShake Inc. “The advanced tracking device and software delivered by Dotando will help our users to easily track all information related to the asset and eventually guarantee the transparency during the physical asset sharing.”

About BizShake:

Founded in 2018 in the USA, BizShake was established by an outstanding team from retail, e-commerce, technology and research companies, with the belief that P2P sharing economy will benefit our society as a whole and ease the redundant production that is creating a large burden to the resources and environment.