Image: port of Classe, 6th century mosaic (detail) – Basilica Sant’Apollinare Nuova – Ravenna, Italy.

DotAnDo aims at creating a constantly evolving relationship  in which each players, manufacturers, dealers, service and management companies, customers create real value in a single ecosystem. By exploiting the power of the Internet of Things and People we want to fundamentally shift the way the organizations interact with their surroundings for the entire value chain to optimize the performance of systems, processes and improve people safety and quality of life.

DotAnDo stands for Dot And Do.  Dot  the position of your assets, equipment, people And  this will allow you to have endless data you can collate and things you can Do to better protect your investments and improve your business.

We make our ability to monitor and manage objects and people in the physical world electronically  available to our customers, together with a complete offer: cloud platform, devices, connectivity and end-to-end solution to bring data-driven decision making to several existing or new activities.

In 2005, Vice President and Co-Owner, Paolo Sansoni launched into the Italian market the first release of the DOTMobile platform, which was developed during an 18-month period of engineering and development teamwork. Paolo realized the power of automatically collating and associating data about who/when/how/what it’s doing to the GPS position of the asset or people, to provide customers with more security, accurate data and analytics in a single ecosystem.

Beginning 2015, President and Co-Owner, Carlo Bertozzi joined Paolo and took the challenge to expand DOTMobile beyond the Italian borders. He believes that the Italian creativity is reflected into the power of DOTMobile to fulfill specific requirements and complexity  of each application and unleash tremendous benefit to delight new customers around the world.

Whenever there are vehicles, products, boats …. things and people on move there is a need to better protect them and endless things you can do to improve life of people, workers and of the business.

Paolo and Carlo, born in the area of Ravenna – Italy, did the military service in the Police Corps in 1987, they are friends since then.

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