DOTMobile Automotive Ecosystem is the Configurable GPS Tracking and Telematics for Motorbikes, Forklifts and Vehicles.The configurable solution which helps managing mixed fleets. Higher control, increasing security, safety and improving productivity

Security and Protection Better protect your fleet. Fasten recovery of key assets in case of theft, customer default or delayed loan payments, reducing impact on your business due to prolonged outages.

Reporting and Billing Keeping control of critical vehicle and drivers data, distance, speed, fuel consumption, temperature, etc. , boosts efficiency and improves customers service. It can be integrated to the management software.

Maintenance and Logistics Make operation easier, reduce costs and unexpected vehicle downtime, thanks to the predictive maintenance based on the mileage data automatically collated from the vehicles. Schedule maintenance jobs and automatically send reminder to management and report upcoming or overdue maintenance. Having all vehicles on one screen helps fleet planners to better serve the customer with the closer vehicle needed and to reduce transport time and costs.

Total System Configurability Finally our customers can define the subscription fee by selecting the features needed only, overcoming the limit of expensive pre-defined packages.

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