DOTMobile Marine Ecosystem is the Modular GPS Tracking and Monitoring solution for Dealers, Club and Rental Business to stay connected and interact at all time with boats and any kind of watercraft over the world.

Peace of mind. Better protect your mixed fleet by monitoring position, speed, batteries. Fasten theft recovery of key assets, reduce impact on your business due to prolonged outages.

Improve safety, customer satisfaction and operations. Increase control on use, rentals and liability in the event of damage. Having the entire fleet on one screen helps fleet manager to improve operations and better serve the customer. It can be integrated to rental and management software, via API – Web Services, to faster check-in/out procedures and support business management.

Total Modularity. Finally our customers can select the device, the module and the payment option according to their time related needs and budget.

  • Tracking: the entry level module with 3P tracking algorithm and global, multi-carrier SIM, to instantly locate and track boats all over the world on Navionics and Google Satellite charts
  • TrackingPRO: Advanced module with additional 24/t multi-alert and notification center, Immobilizer and Unlimited Geofencing to increase Security and improve Operations
  • MonitoringPRO: Additional module to add Boat Monitoring and Remote Control of engines, batteries, sensors such as  door entry, camera, temperature, fire/smoke, bilge water. 

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