Partner SaaS

Is your company active in the specific industry ? Do you offer technological products and services (i.e.: navigation, communication, electronics, IT, software) and an assistance service for installation and use of the web platform?

You may be than interested in becoming a Partner SaaS, Software as a Service, build a branded recurring, multi-industry business , set your exclusive price policy, full range of Devices and Connectivity and finally maximize profit.

We offer:

  • DOTMobile SaaS platform. Customizable front-end, both WebPortal and WebApp
    Hosting, virtual private server and database, firewall, e-mail and text message services, 36 months audit trail, maintenance and disaster recovery
    Expandable with no limits
    Interfaceable with third party devices or backend software
    Integration of third party SIM and APIs
  • Cost-Effective DOTMobile SaaS to cut costs per asset and maximize your profits.
  • Set your own price policy.
  • Full Devices and Accessories range.
  • Global “M2M” SIMs and Iridium SBD connectivity.
  • Recurring Business Tools.
  • Online commercial course
  • Online technical course.
  • Online support.


  • Proactive sales force
  • Capability to handle installation of basic electronic GPS devices and use of web portal.
  • Handle customers data contract and activation.
  • Handle after sales support to end users.
  • Purchase DOTMobile SaaS.

Looking for becoming a DotAnDo Partner SaaS?