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With limited investments we provide Dealers, Partners and Industries with a complete offer to build  be-spoke, reliable and easy to install end-to-end solution backed-up by our customer service. We help you getting out the most of our offer for your customers with dedicated business plan tools, training, and technical and sales expertise.

Dealergrow your business by leveraging DOTMobile brand, selling select Devices and Installation.

Partner, build a recurring business by mastering DOTMobile Ecosystem and full range of Digital Service Plan, Devices and Accessories.

Partner SaaS, build a recurring business with additional DOTMobile SaaS and Pack, fully customizable to build on your own brand, price policy and finally maximize profits.

A Full License, is also available should you have the need to build and manage your ecosystems.

We aim at redefining business model, services and functionalities for several industries and market segments  together with end-to-end solutions and simplified pricing to make it easier for you do to business with us and to deliver greater differentiation to our customers.

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